#1 Best and Cheap Hosting for Newbie Blogger in 2021

Best and Cheap Hosting for Newbie Blogger in 2021. Friends you may be thinking that I will start a new blogging but from where to buy hosting. There are so many hosting companies available, choosing from them is the most stressful.

No more thinking. You’ve come to the right place. Here I will discuss you Best and Cheap Hosting for Newbie Blogger, and also you will find all your answers. And although there will be no doubt, you can still contact me if you want. Options are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. In addition, there is a good system of contact email. Send your quarries at [email protected]

In this article you will find the right answers to your questions. Such as

First of all

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a service that brings your published website online, that connects to the rest of the world. This means that it is a service where your website is presented to the whole world through various technologies.

This is a huge server computer. Here each website is stored through a unique domain of their own.

When users want to visit your website, they have to search in the browser with that domain name.

The browser then connects the user’s computer to their server, and delivers webpages stored through the browser.

Why you need Hosting?

Friends, there was a time when we used newspapers to promote our business. But times have changed. Although now we run various campaigns to promote very small business or we promote it through paper. 

However, in the current situation, if we want to move forward with a specific business, it is very important to take that business online. Because people are slowly becoming dependent on online. And online means a specific website.

Friends, here I will tell you a little bit about the main target of blogging, as you are blogger, you need a website.

Yes Google Blogger is giving you free hosting but if you want one of your own customizable website as per your mind, then you have to buy personal hosting. By buying your hosting you can launch the website you created there or build a website through different website builders.

If you want to start blogging through WordPress as a successful blogger then you must need a Hosting.

Types of Hosting:

Friends, when we go to buy a hosting, we see that there are basically 4 categories of hosting

Best and Cheap Hosting for Newbie Blogger in 2021

See you are a new blogger and you want to be successful in this field in the future. The hosting that I will tell you about is the hosting I use myself and I got lots of good feedback from there. So I recommend this hosting to you as a Best and Cheap Hosting for Newbie Blogger.

Hostinger is a very popular web hosting. A famous web hosting for its cheap price and highspeed.

You all probably know a little bit about Hostinger. So I’m going to give you a little quick introduction about this hosting.

This hosting company was established in 2004. At that time its real name was Hosting Media. In 2011 the company changed their name to Hostinger. At that time they had over one million users. 

At the moment you don’t have to say anything more about this hosting. You can see the whole thing by visiting this Hostinger official website.

Best and Cheap Hosting for Newbie Blogger

Now the most important question is

Why you choose Hostinger as a web hosting?

  • Reliability: Friends, the main reason why I recommended this hosting, because of its reliable web hosting service. This premium cloud web hosting provider has 99.99% server uptime guaranty. Hostinger is also a part of the ICANN-accredited registrar’s community.
  • Very Cheap Price: Then come to the price. Friends, if you compare online, you will see that Hostinger is providing high quality services with very cheap price. The company is currently offering a 70 percent discount on shared hosting. Which is very interesting.
Best and Cheap Hosting for Newbie Blogger
  • Free Domain: Since you want to start a website, it is very important for you to have a domain. Hosting is offering you a free domain for one year with that in mind. This means that when you buy a package of this hosting, you do not have to pay for the domain, you just have to renew it next year.
  • Other Features: The other features are like unlimited web hosting, unlimited SSD disk space, and unlimited website bandwidth. These features make Hostinger a preferred name in the web hosting space.

This hosting is very easy to operate. If you are looking for a pocket friendly WordPress hosting that will save you then Hostinger is the best choice for you.

So think about why you would go to another hosting company as a new blogger? Hostinger is offering you such a good service at such a low price. Buy from this link and get 90% discount

Take a look at its packages at a glance.

Best and Cheap Hosting for Newbie Blogger
Hostinger plan in Indian Currency
Hostinger Plan in US Currency
Hostinger Plan in US Currency

Among these 3 plan, the best plan is the premium web hosting plan where you will get the opportunity to create unlimited websites. There are one hundred email accounts, WordPress Acceleration, Free SSL Certificate, and many more.

So what else do you think, 2021 has already fallen, if you want to get Blogger’s success, start from now. Don’t be late, check out today.

How buy Hostinger Hosting?

First of all go to the official website hostinger.in. In the front page of the website, you will get all the details. There are basically 4 plans. If you have a low budget then you go with single web hosting, if you have a little more budget then you go for premium web hosting.

The difference between single web hosting and premium web hosting is that you can launch a single website using a single web hosting where you can launch 100 websites of premium hosting. There are some more differences. You can go to hostinger .in site and compare.

I recommend you to go with Premium Web Hosting. Because it will balance both your savings and profits,

To buy this package, Simply, you need to click on this option.

Best and Cheap Hosting for Newbie Blogger

Then your page will open. On the right is your order summary.

Best and Cheap Hosting for Newbie Blogger

If you scroll down a bit, You can see your Detailed summery. Then check out

You can make this transaction through Visa Card Master, Card PayPal account etc.

When you buy the package, you must remind your name, email address and phone number. These will come in handy later.

When the checkout is complete, such an interface will open. Where your domain name will be and on the right, there is a manage option from where you can control everything.


Hostinger H-Panel Dashboard


How to install WordPress on Hostinger?

Friends, the panel in the Hostinger is called the H-Panel. Installing a WordPress website in this H-Panel is very easy.

Simply click on Manage. After Clicked, a new window open like this. You just have to scroll down a little bit.

Click on this auto installer option here.

Install WordPress

And here you will find different types of website builders. Simply click on WordPress.


Here is a brief overview. Such as your administrator username, administrator email.

Simply enter the administrator password and enter the title of your website. Then click on Install.

The process will take some time to complete. When completed, a window will open with a simple overview of your website. If you want to activate SSL here, then you have to turn on this option named Force HTTPS

Also has a great feature here, that is maintenance mode. This means that you can put your website in temporary maintenance mode if you want.

Then there is an option on the right side. Click on Edit Website. This is how you access your WordPress Dashboard.

You will also find a power store on the hosting car from where you can buy various products.

Best and Cheap Hosting for Newbie Blogger

So friends this was a review of Hostinger Hosting and according to me this is the Best and Cheap Hosting for Newbie Blogger. If you like this article, please share it. 

Be sure to let us know in the comments which is your favorite hosting.

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