Step #1 Select Your Niche

So you are new to the blogging field. Well, I hope you don’t go back. Because I’m going to clear up all the details of blogging.

You may have heard from many places about how competitive 2021 has become for blogging. But why do you stop? I know it’s your passion. So I will help you in any way I can. If there is any problem, you must contact me without delay. And join the Facebook group. Because there you will always get new updates.

There is a lot of talk, now let’s talk about work…

Yes, you are new. So for you to know some basics about Blogging. Like What is blogging? How do you do blogging? Etc.

First question is what is blogging?

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What is Blogging?

If you want to know what blogging is, you need to know what a blog is. Blog is an online magazine where everyone shares their writing, knowledge. Blogging is the process by which a person’s thoughts are expressed in writing on the Internet. And this work is called blogging.

In a word, you can express your thoughts, knowledge online by writing. That’s blogging

Well, how and where do you do blogging?

Blogging needs a platform or website. No you will not be asked to learn that coding. You can rest assured. I will explain to you how to make a website. Creating a website is very easy.

All you have to do after creating a website is write content. Friends, I tell you that this content is written but will depend entirely on you. This means that the more quality and unique content you have, the more you will succeed in the blogging field. No worries, I’ll teach you this too.

Well, after that comes some content related work like SEO, Backlink Create etc. One thing I want to say about this is that blogging is the thing that totally depends on the content. Here your income will be from content. Such on YouTube it is the videos.

The other thing is, blogging is a lot of pursuit. You have to be consistent in this matter. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Then blogging will bring you success.

Ways of Income from blogging

Well, a lot of it is now where the real, Income. If there is no revenue after a lot of hard work, then tell me how restless it feels. But you should not focus on this income. Just focus on your work. Well there are many ways to earn income. I’ll tell you two ways. I.) AdSense, II.) Affiliate Marketing.

What do you think these are again?

Nothing friends. Only 2 methods. One by one we know about these two things.

AdSense: AdSense is a Google Platform. From where Google provides ad. You can generate revenue by showing all the ads on your website. It’s a common way.

Affiliate Marketing: The second method is affiliate marketing. In a word, to sell the product of a company by joining the affiliate portal of that company. And create commissions or revenue.

Niche Selection

So far you know very little about how to blog. Now you have to start. So it’s not too late, I’ll tell you the whole process step by step.

First of all work, See it your passion. So you first think about what you are most interested in? Ask yourself questions. Got an answer? Well, now you have to start your journey with this favorite thing. This is called Niche Selection. Isn’t it easy? There are many types of niche such as Health niche, Tech niche, Traveling niche, Food niche etc.

Now if you want to get success in less time then you have to go with micro niche. What is micro niche?

Suppose a tech blog is a bottom line. Now in technology, there are many things like gaming, computers, mobile etc.

Now the mobile is the main niche and the mobile back cover, which is the thing of the mobile, so it is the micro niche. So mobile accessories is a micro niche.

For the sake of convenience, I will give you the names of many micro niche of the following.

You can choose from these or start working on any of your favorite ones. Suppose you want to be in the computer field.

So what could be a computer related micro niche? Computer mouse pad, Computer Mechanical Keyboard, Laptop Accessories etc.

I hope you understand how to select a niche. I will discuss briefly the method niche selection soon. Well the first step is complete. And yes, write down your following niche in a diary or Excel.